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Wed Mar 9 14:54:24 EST 2005

I saw the thread a bit late but here is the thing that "popped" to mind...
Before i typed the fourth word in reply, I said basta! Script it!

So StripesList.rev is a cool 5 minute hack template to demo how to make
stripes scroll in all simplicity!

It's the last item in the list.  

Not all the field (returnkey, pastekey, dropin in the field) are implemented
but you can add them and reply back with you additions so I can improve on
the basic model - the "striping synchronizer" for the field is in the card

The scrolling is handled by the field only (could be solidified with an
add-on or two* in the card script for saves, and opens from last sessions).
But hey, that's not paying my bills... Im just trying to help scroll the
stripes! ;)

Since MetaCard, my script editor templates have scrolling line-number rulers
for easier error-to-script navigation! These allow selections in the script
editor that are much easier than dragging the mouse in the editor's field! I
have to work on that editor again soon for some more nitrous!!! But now it
will be even more colorful! ;)

OK, that's old looks, I know... (neither the last release posted - and far
from the current version which is the transcriptolator and EditN2O!) That
was MetaCard!

My new workbench is much better and uses lists a lot!!!

And this trick will be something that be welcome in my bag of tricks! Thanks
again for the idea! Enjoy the stack!

Nitrous for breakfast anyone?

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> > Ah yes... I worked this out once. You need a series of 
> patterns that 
> > you set as the user scrolls. The number of images depends 
> on the line 
> > height of your field. From memory you need the line height 
> X 2 images.
> > You will need to fix the line height then create your images. In 
> > Photoshop or some other image editor create a an image that 
> is 4 lines 
> > high. Draw your lines then resize the canvas to the bottom 
> two lines.
> > Repeat the following:
> > - save the image
> > - shift the image down 1 pixel
> >
> > Until you have completed the cycle.
> >
> > Then you import the images into rev. They need names that include 
> > their number starting with 0. Something line "lines0","lines1" etc.
> >
> > In the field you need a script that does this:
> > on scrollBarDrag
> >   set the backPattern of me to the id of image \
> >      ("lines"&the vScroll of me mod (the lineHeight of me *2)) end 
> > scrollBarDrag
> >
> I tried this solution too, Monte :-) It's problem was that 
> the height & width of the backgroundPattern image must be a 
> factor of 8. I needed to do this for a field with a 
> textHeight of 18, so there was no way to get your idea to 
> work, although it was really good for fields with a textHeight of 16.
> Sarah
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