Richard K. Herz herz at
Mon Mar 7 18:43:06 EST 2005

Richard Miller asked:
> I've got a dedicated Mac server available, on which I want to place a
> Rev application to gather and disseminate the required information. The
> first 100 computers will continually inform that central application of
> their status, and the other 100 will continually ask this application
> for the status of the first 100 users.

I suggest having a Rev stack running permanently on the server that 
communicates with clients using TCP/IP sockets. This should work since the 
data sent in each of your messages is small (socket messages are around 1400 
KB max).  For example scripts see the Rev site > Video Tutorials > Sample 
Projects > Internet Chat (also the chatRev examples in Rev Online, User 
Spaces, General).  The alternative of sending posts to a Rev CGI causes an 
instance of Rev to open for each post, as I understand things, so would seem 
to be more resource intensive.

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