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> Folks, I really should know this by now, but when a handler is called,
> can its script identify its caller and if so how? I guess there is some
> context description available but I don't know how to find it in the
> docs. And while we're at it, what if the invocation of the handler is
> the result of a "send", e.g.
> send "mouseUp" to myMouseUpHandler
> Can I tell from within the handler that it wasn't a true mouse click
> that invoked it, and if so how?
> Obviously the engine does know this information - it's just a question
> of if and how it's made available to the developer.

In order to know if a button received a true mouse click or not, I add 
a boolean parameter when the message is sent by script:

send "mouseUp true" to btn "My Button"

and in the script of the button:

on mouseUp pFlag
   if pFlag then -- sent message
   else -- true mouse click


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