more rawkeydown problems

J. Landman Gay jacque at
Sun Mar 6 14:04:29 EST 2005

On 3/6/05 12:13 PM, Wouter wrote:

> Hi All,
> If crossplatform uniformness is not your piece of cake then please don't 
> read this mail.
> But for those who really need to process keyboard input here are some 
> more keyboard anomalies to check.


> These are tests on a apple usb keyboard. May be there will also be 
> differences on laptop keyboards.
> If someone can test and confirm the above then this can be bugzilla'ed.

I'm not sure it is a bug, it is just the differences between operating 
systems. The Rev engine just passes on the key codes that the operating 
system sends. If you have the MC IDE, see the "Character Chooser" in the 
MetaCard "Tools" menu for examples of these differences. Sometimes you 
can use the macToISO and ISOtoMac functions to translate between the 
character sets, but I don't think those functions work with non-ascii 

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