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I don't know MIDI but I would think that you could use the serial stack 
that Sarah put together as a tester. It will open a port to any 
existing devices that have registered over USB, including devices that 
accept serial commands. The device usually provides the USB device 
driver SO all rev does is load it and allow you to send commands. I 
would check out what type of MIDI commands can be sent.



On Mar 4, 2005, at 12:08 PM, Mark Smith wrote:

> Anyone here got any ideas about whether it's possible to communicate 
> with external midi devices from Revolution? I have in mind to try 
> making an editor app. for some of my older and more obscure midi 
> synths, so real-time playback and such like is not an issue, but the 
> basic communication stuff.
> I had a programme years ago,made by opcode r.i.p., that allowed you to 
> send and receive strings of hexadecimal numbers to and from synths, so 
> something along those lines would be a start.
> Thanks for any ideas,
> Mark
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