2 little questions

Wouter wouter.abraham at scarlet.be
Thu Mar 3 04:44:27 EST 2005

Hi All,

Two little questions:

1. in the transcript dictionary is stated:
    - on unix and windows systems, the commandkey function returns the 
same value as the controlkey function.
This can be verified in VPC.
But which is the value returned by the equivalent of the commandkey on 
the mac in windows?
(because of the special assignment of the commandkey on the mac, this 
cannot be retrieved in VPC)

2. noticing a difference in behavior of buttons between platforms (one 
more :-):
   - a button with the traversalon set to true (default condition) will 
take the focus out of a field when activated by mouse in windows, but 
not so on mac.
Which is correct behavior and which is preferable?


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