custom property searching speed question

Monte Goulding monte at
Wed Mar 2 19:05:51 EST 2005

> Alex Tweedly wrote:
>>> Have you tried looping through lines in a combined string? If your 
>>> results are like mine you'll shave another 20% off.
>> Only saves 4% for me. (And the "combine" took over a second - 500% of the 
>> summation cost !)
> Of course. In my case I had the option of storing either as a chunk or an 
> array so my measurements included only the actual lookup time, not any of 
> the setup.

Well... if there's an option of altering the storage might I suggest using 
three parallel custom property sets. The sum would then only require reading 
the set for what is currently item 3 into a variable and calling the sum 
function. I would be rather surprised if this wasn't blindingly fast....



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