ANN: PlCard library and a sample "Pyramid" game

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Tue Mar 1 04:23:03 EST 2005


Other than the fact that I'm not very good at card games - this seems to
work well on Mac OS X.  The only problem I had was the selection of pairs to
match (or the King), it seems to need clicking twice sometimes.  I'm not
sure if this is  a bug on the Mac...

It looks really good - the cards are very nicely done.


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> Subject: ANN: PlCard library and a smaple "Pyramid" game
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> PlCard is a library designed to support building card games (or Playing
> Card games, since "card" is so confusing in the context of Rev).
> It contains images for the cards themselves, and a number of functions
> and handlers to manipulate them.
> This is an ALPHA release (i.e. I haven't written the documentation yet
> :-)   It's also only been tested on Windows (2000 and XP); I'd be
> particularly interested to hear whether and how it works on Mac or Unix.
> I haven't figured out the best way to handle libraries and applications
> in the context of RevOnline, so for now I have simply bundled the
> library into the sample game; later it will probably be available
> separately.
> It's on RevOnline under Games / Pyramid   or under username
> "alextweedly" / Pyramid
> In theory, the game is obvious and self-explanatory ..... let me know if
> it's not, or let me know of any problems.  The basic rules for Pyramid
> can be found in almost any collection of Patience games - for example
> It's very simple - partly because I haven't yet decided whether to make
> scoring, high scores, player names, etc. part of the PlCard library or a
> separate one - so for now you just play without anything more in the way
> of a score than a simple running total.
> Thanks
> -- Alex.
> -- 
> Alex Tweedly

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