Printing Causes Rev & Standalone to Crash

Peter Reid preid at
Mon Jun 27 20:29:43 EDT 2005

>>I'm printing a large number of cards (100-150 cards, each landscape 
>>A4) using something like:
>>    open printing with dialog
>>     repeat with x = 1 to cardsToPrint
>>       print card x
>>     end repeat
>>    close printing
>>However, it gets to the last card and then crashes both Rev and 
>>also any standalone I've built doing the same thing.  I've tried 
>>both Rev 2.5.1 and Rev 6 (under Mac OS X 10.3.9) and get the same 
>>result. I've tried a Print Preview and a Print to PDF and both 
>>crash out of Rev/standalone!  If I do Print Preview, I get nothing 
>>after the crash.  If I do Print to PDF, I get an incomplete damaged 
>>PDF file.
>A few weeks ago, someone reported crashes when printing large 
>numbers of cards/pages. Can you split your print job into smaller 
>batches? Also, make sure that you aren't trying to print a card that 
>doesn't exist.

Unfortunately I have the requirement to be able to ether print to 
paper or to PDF and if I split into smaller batches, I'll end up with 
a separate PDF file for each batch.  Also, it only prints the cards 
it's got.

Do you know if this is already a bugzilla report (crashing when 
printing large number of pages) or should I file it?


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