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Wed Jun 22 20:05:21 EDT 2005

On Jun 22, 2005, at 4:15 PM, Alex Tweedly wrote:
> What I now do (having got it wrong often enough, including right  
> now when I was writing down the step-by-step) is to start the stack  
> up, set the externals, save it, quit Rev. Restart Rev, open the  
> stack, run the script that sets externals again - then check that  
> put the external of this stack and put the externalFunctions of  
> this stack give me what I expect ...


To check if an external has successfully loaded you can check for the  
externalPackages of a stack.  When you create the external you define  
the global

char XName[] = "My Extension Name";

This string will show up in the externalPackages of the stack when it  
has been successfully loaded.  As for when the external loads you can  
do this:

1) Create a new stack.
2) Set the destroyWindow of the stack to true
3) Set the externals of the stack to whatever.
4) Close the stack window
5) Open the stack window
6) Check the externalPackages.  It should have the name of the external.

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