revCopyFile under Tiger

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Wed Jun 22 14:20:52 CDT 2005


And what happens when you flush the garbage ?
ROTFL - no offense - just having a great holliday in cyber-land!

:) sorry, couldn't resist the memory of old Mac Control panels' inference
field of GUI distortions when played as practical jokes on clueless PC
users... Like a Mac puking when it ejects a diskette ;) It was so "superb"
in the 80's to do that to a PC user...

Today, as a PC user, if a mac could impress me, i'd be impressed! ;( i've
switched over for the pay and more serious users. Lest i get to keep my
fun-face off work ;)

Just curious, have you checked your OSX appearance/behavior or feedback
control panels?

No matter what the OS, i dont thing this is standard RevWrongDoing of any
sort... No matter how bad their RevCopy can be (which i've analized in a
previous maillist entry). 

IOWs, do you own if you want long-term reliability and more options...
unless it was changed since 2.5, the revcopy for mac uses AppleScripts so
these are affected sometimes by control panels (as was theory in MacOS)...

So, isn't it superb to see this happen on mac users 20 years after ? ;)
Hope i got the nail - this would be OS-blindfolded - bug hinting now ;)

Gzaviee (as pronounced ;)

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> Here's an stupid thing that I'm hoping someone can help with.
> When using revCopyFile under 10.4.1, I'm getting the annoying 
> sound that plays whenever you move/copy a file or folder to 
> another location in the Finder.  In my opinion, revCopyFile 
> should not play that sound, but I'm sure it does just cause 
> it uses system services to do the copy.
> Anyone found a way to make that sound not play?  Preferably 
> without having to disable something in the OS.  What I'm 
> doing is making a little backup utility, and copying files 
> like that with that sound playing possibly hundreds of times 
> is going to be *really* annoying, to say the least.
> Using Rev 2.6, btw.
> Thanks,
> Chris
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