No entry in Window's task bar

MisterX b.xavier at
Wed Jun 22 13:04:06 CDT 2005


Excelent trick. Hey, that rhymes!

I've complained about this previously and was ignored.

I'll give you a max of 5 votes possible (;() for the bugzilla if it you dont
get a duplicate bugzilla
uh, no, Tuv saw it as dup of
uh no, it's not... is it not clear?

I might have already put that into a bugzilla already though but already
did my daily time for bz today tough .

 I know i've written to Scott years ago and might have complained to Kevin
about this as well. 

Windows users are not very "enchanted" with some PC compatibility or quality
issues AFAIK and Nobody has shown as much care as i do to point it out - yet
always rejected by singled-OS minded macusers. if you haven't tried the
other side, how can you criticize it so easily. I know both worlds now, i
also see one-OS blindness a lot... In the least the way Rev was not windows
tested as a "regular" win32 power-user would...

Here's the proof this is not just garbage i talk about - all i say usually
means a lot, despite my way of saying it - some catch it - some really dont
even look... But it's up to the reader to be aware of the concequences of
reading inside what i mean... Apparently, i can't get it to sink in... (OT)
even this is a problem

Waiting for Longhorn so that Rev fix windows 2000 problems is unfair 
(or unacceptable) when the higher proportion of clients affected are PC
users (or their clients!) that probably still use NT 4 (GUI somewhat OK), or
windows 2000/XP/2003 (GUI not 100% ok). And i dont mean engine problems
alone - a win-compatible GUI would be nice - like in the menus, the
drag-window-content-on, refresh problems, color problems, and some more.

Maybe you can vote for my bugs too... Not hard to find...


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> Hi Peter,
> Normal behaviour at the moment :-)
> You could try, as a workaround, to keep a visible window with 
> its titlebar but of-screen (-1000,-1000) as a signal for Windows...
> Le 22 juin 05 à 16:45, Peter T. Evensen a écrit :
> > When I run my standalone, there is no entry for the program in the 
> > Windows task bar.  Mark Waddingham (I think it was) said this was 
> > because my Windows don't have title bars.  While this is 
> true (all my 
> > windows are graphical in nature), it seems that for a standalone 
> > SOMETHING should appear in the task bar.  If I bring any other 
> > application to the front, I cannot get back to my Revolution 
> > standalone.
> >
> > Has anyone else run into this?  If so, how did you get around it?   
> > I have hidden windows with title bars, but they don't seem 
> to affect 
> > things.
> >
> > Should I bugzilla this?  It makes it hard to make a multi-media 
> > application that plays nice in Windows.
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