the object you are editing... Huh?

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Mon Jun 20 22:34:12 CDT 2005


The only time I have seen this msg is if the stack has been closed and 
removed from memory, but the script editor for the object is still open and 
I have tried to make changes.

Is that when the msg occurs for you, or does it happen under different 

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Subject: the object you are editing... Huh?

> At unpredictable times, when trying to edit a script -- the script of a 
> card field at the moment -- I get an error message I can't understand. I'm 
> doing all the logical obvious things that a moderately competent novice 
> would do, before and after encountering this error message. They aren't 
> working.
> The message:
> "The object you are editing appears to have been removed or deleted. Do 
> you want to copy the text you are editing to the clipboard before closing 
> this script?" The two response buttons in the error dialog box are "copy 
> and close" and "close"
> --What am I doing wrong?
> --What is the significance of this error message? It must occur for a good 
> reason, but I can't figure it out.
> Thanks to all those who have generously offered assistance in the past 
> week or two.
> Cheers,
> Tim
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