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Klaus Major klaus at
Wed Jun 15 14:29:12 CDT 2005

Hi Bob,

> Hi Al.

although my name is not Al, I will try to answer ;-)

> OK I haev a stack I haev created and I open this from a standalone.
> Now I have a problem, when I try to open it the stack does not  
> open. I have
> not changed the code but it just wont work now. I have not changed the
> version of runrev either.
> At work I had the same problem and I copied and pasted in the same  
> code and
> it worked.
> Can anyone spot the obvious mistake?
> I have a button with this script
> on mouseUp
>   doFileOpen
> end mouseUp
> And in the stack script
> on doFileOpen
>     answer file "Select a database file:" \
>         with filter "Armbase Database File" & return & "*.abd"
>   if it is empty then exit to top
>   toplevel stack it
> end doFileOpen
> I even commented out the if it is empty line with no luck either.
> Is there a problem with this script?

Yep, the RETURN is wrong...

Try this:
with filter "Armbase Database File,*.abd"

> I cant see any


Klaus Major
klaus at

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