Searching Data in Custom Properties

Richard Gaskin ambassador at
Tue Jun 14 01:02:27 CDT 2005

zack wrote:
> Well I am really just trying to get my head around the  possibilities.  
> I am very used to FileMaker Pro (and SQL dbs). In  these environments 
> you normally start with the data and build an  interface to use it.  It 
> is almost always with large data sets where  searching will be one of 
> the primary activities. The data and how it  stored is never really an 
> issue.  It's in tables.
> Rev offers so much more, but I find myself a bit lost because I am  not 
> used to having to design a storage system for data.  What I  always took 
> for granted isn't there anymore.  I realize that this is  part of the 
> power of Rev you can do it in anyway that seems best.   BUT this is 
> exactly my problem. I don't feel I know enough yet to  know what "seems" 
> best.
> I "relate" to data in terms of RDBMS. I see table and columns and  
> primary keys. That is just what I am used to. In the last few years  XML 
> has become important but still mostly as middle layer not the  storage 
> layer. At least to me.
> So now I want to move on to a more flexible tool, but with more power  
> comes more responsibility!  So I have to adjust. or just go by  
> altSQLite and be done with it  :>)

altSQLite looks like a fine tool.  If it fits the model you're used to 
you can always dive in and get going with that, and pick up any other 
Transcript tricks you can use along the way.

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