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On 6/11/05 2:25 PM, "Dar Scott" <dsc at> wrote:

>>> Remember to put something like a contextual menu or a keydown handler
>> to quit the stack, once I got myself locked in a stack with no
>> decorations, sized to the screensize and it stayed on top too.. irgh.
> LOL!  I'm going to put in a couple methods!

I'm using Rev also for presenting at RevCon... I've got it so that if you
command-click on the left or right side of the stack, it navigates to the
previous/next card with a visual effect:

on mouseUp
  if the commandKey is down then
    put (item 1 of the loc of this stack) into tMid
    set the effectRate to 750
    visual effect "cross fade"
    if (item 1 of globalLoc(the mouseLoc)) < tMid then
      if the number of this cd <> 1 then
        go prev
      end if
      if the number of this cd <> (the number of cds) then
        go next
      end if
    end if
  end if
end mouseUp


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