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Jon jbondy at sover.net
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You said ""You say the Revolution IDE "is just too buggy." I've read all 
of the  messages on this list - including many from you in recent days - 
and  I can't honestly say I've seen you report or describe a single bug".

Well, two of them have been BugZilla'd by others on the list.

I'd say when an IDE simply disappears from the screen when you try to 
click on the Files menu; when Applys and Saves get so confused that the 
program won't run and that it is not clear what is going on; when I 
reposition an object and it starts dropping slowly down the screen until 
I kill the IDE; and when the IDE (REPEATEDLY) gets so compute bound that 
I have to kill it and start it up again.  Well, I look at these things 
as bugs.  I've used Delphi for years and years.  It simply does not have 
this level of quirky, buggy behavior.  Anyone who loves Rev should 
realize that this kind of behavior can only drive people away before 
they give the rest of the technology a chance.

That said, I'm still intrigued by Rev. 



Dan Shafer wrote:

> Jon....
> I've created several commercial products for clients using  
> Revolution, going back to 1.1, and they all had to run on both Mac  
> and Windows. I am a Mac guy, so I did all the development work on  
> Macintosh. While you can run into some fairly well-documented issues  
> as you move across platforms, a huge percentage of what you write  
> once will run anywhere. I've spent a good part of my career looking  
> at programming languages and development environments, both for my  
> own use and in writing books and doing technology assessment. I can  
> honestly say that Revolution is, hands down, the most seamless cross- 
> platform software development tool available.
> Over the next four months I will release four of my *own* commercial  
> products on Mac and Windows, and all of them will be done in  
> Revolution. I will be able to deliver them over the Web, auto-update  
> them transparently, offer professional installation capabilities, and  
> do all the other things you'd expect from a professional piece of  
> software. All at a fraction of the time investment of any other tool  
> I know about.
> You say the Revolution IDE "is just too buggy." I've read all of the  
> messages on this list - including many from you in recent days - and  
> I can't honestly say I've seen you report or describe a single bug.  
> Quirks, yes; all development environments have those. Stuff that's  
> confusing, to be sure. Need for improvement, absolutely. But to  
> characterize it as "buggy" given what I have read from you here is  
> simply going too far. I know how frustrating it can be trying to  
> master this environment (that's why I wrote a book and some sample  
> eChapters about it) but I can't honestly say that I've encountered  
> one thing I needed to do to create a professional looking, usable  
> software application and couldn't do in Revolution. It doesn't do  
> everything and it's not suited to all problems, but for upwards of  
> 95% of all software being written today above the system level, I  
> challenge you to find a better solution.
> On Jun 05 2005, at 18:05, Jon wrote:
>> I'm curious.  How many of you use Rev to make a living, and how  many 
>> of you just play with it.  I'm at the point where I can't  believe 
>> anyone could use it to do serious development.  It is just  too 
>> buggy, syntax idiosyncrasies and sloth aside.
>> And how many of you successfully deploy cross-platform  
>> applications?  That is my holy grail, but I'm so far away from that  
>> I can't even imagine it.
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