Stephen Barncard stephenREVOLUTION at
Wed Jun 1 15:20:58 EDT 2005

Ok, I overcomplicated things. But I've often wondered if it were 
possible, and how controllable was it. And what would I need it for? 
Building an editor program with waveforms, etc would be a big deal, 
but a simple note-taking recorder would seemingly be a good simple 
audio project.

Most programs that record audio have to record to a buffer file first 
anyway, so your temporary audio file could go to a temp folder in 
your system where such files are dumped automatically at shutdown. On 
Unix and Macs it would be the temp folder.  specialFolderPath("temp") 
returns "/private/tmp/501/TemporaryItems " on my mac.


At 12:15 PM -0600 6/1/05, Devin Asay wrote:
>I think you're asking how to record an audio clip directly into the 
>stack. You can't currently do that with the record sound command-- 
>that only lets you record to an external file. However, you could do 
>it in a few steps:
>	record sound command to record to an external file
>	import command to import the file as an audio clip
>	delete file command to delete the (now) unwanted external file.
>Kind of kludgy, but should work.
>Devin Asay
>Humanities Technology and Research Support Center
>Brigham Young University

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