Flashing numbers added to Number Picker stack.

Cubist at aol.com Cubist at aol.com
Sun Jul 31 16:04:08 EDT 2005

sez douggilliland at gmail.com:
>One more question - if it's not asking too much.
>Sometimes I want a number, once it is selected, to be taken out of
>circulation. Is there a short script to add that will do this? I have
>searched all the resources but cannot find anything that explains how
>to do this.
   Try something like this:

local WhatzLeft

on MakeList DerNumber
  -- call this function when you want to generate a pool of numbers
  -- it assumes DerNumber is a positive integer, so watch what you feed it

  put "" into Rezult
  repeat with K1 = 1 to DerNumber
    put K1 into item K1 of Rezult
  end repeat
  put Rezult into WhatzLeft
end MakeList

function PickOne
  put the number of items in WhatzLeft into PoolSize
  if PoolSize = 0 then
    return "Hey! Doofus! You ain't got nuttin' left!"
    put the random of PoolSize into Fred
    put item Fred of WhatzLeft into Rezult
    delete item Fred of WhatzLeft
    return Rezult
  end if
end PickOne

   Hope this helps...

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