Font question, which Courier?

Charles Hartman charles.hartman at
Sun Jul 31 08:58:58 EDT 2005

As far as I've been able to tell, Courier New is more widely  
available than the others. Unfortunately, on Mac -- mine at least --  
as compared with Courier, Courier New is annoyingly light, as in the  
opposite of bold; it looks pale when you put it beside text in other  
fonts. I ended up using an if-block to choose:

   if "Courier" is among the lines of the fontNames then
     put "Courier" into tNewMonoFont
     put "Courier New" into tNewMonoFont
   end if
   . . .
   set the textFont of someStack to tNewMonoFont
   . . .

Charles Hartman

On Jul 30, 2005, at 11:06 PM, SimPLsol at wrote:

>      Assuming Courier is the only crossplatform monospaced font,  
> which is the
> best to use for a crossplatform stack? There is Courier, Courier  
> CE, and
> Courier New; they all look similar to me. Thanks in advance.
> Paul Looney
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