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>The other day I mentioned that I had done a simple "Sudoku Assistant" -
>a simple stack which gives you some assistance in solving Sudoku
>Puzzles. I had done it over the course of an evening or two while on
>vacation, and had decided that I really didn't find Sudoku puzzles all
>that fascinating, so it had been languishing since then.
>But mentioning it here, and having a couple of people ask about it,
>revived my interest, so I've spent 3 hours today tidying it up and
>adding a couple of useful features (Undo/Redo/combination counts/...).
>(I also spent 4 or 5 hours learning basics of RunRev in some areas I
>hadn't used before - useful for me, but only contributed about 10
>minutes of useful work towards this stack :-)
>It's posted in RevOnline, under Games, or username alextweedly - called
>Enjoy, and as always I'd welcome any comments, suggestions, even
>requests ...
>Alex Tweedly


Thanks for the puzzle. Lots of fun. Dell Crosswords has a full page 
of these every month, though none as tough a your last. They 
generally are deterministic all the way to the end. Your number four 
requires assuming a solution at one point near the end and 
discovering a contradiction if the guess was wrong--proof by 
contradiction. (I must confess that the labels make it more difficult 
for me--harder to see what is filled in and what isn't.)

I am interested in what algorithm is used under the "Auto" button.

If you also enjoy Cryptogram puzzles, I have one which retrieves 4 
quotes from the web every day and encodes them for your decoding 
pleasure. It is my daily diagnostic tool to reveal the onset of 
senility. You can take a look at:

      go stack url ""

It's a 450k file. It contains a dictionary for a decoder utility.


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