Wrapped lines as individual lines--shortcut?

Phil Davis davis.phil at comcast.net
Sat Jul 30 01:25:12 EDT 2005

Hi Jim,

If I understand correctly, you want "the formattedText" of the field. If 
you have a field containing a single CR-delimited line, and that line 
wraps and takes up three field display lines, the formattedText of the 
field will contain three CR-delimited lines, each containing only those 
words found in the respective display line.

Phil Davis

Jim Hurley wrote:
> I have a field in which the dontwrap is false so that a single line of 
> text is displayed on many wrapped lines within the field.
> Is there something *within Rev* that would allow me to pick out the 
> *displayed* lines as individual lines? (I don't mean write a hander for 
> this. I've done that, but I'm wondering whether there might be a 
> shortcut. Clearly Run Rev, or the OS, knows what these lines are or they 
> wouldn't be displayed that way.)
> Jim

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