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Mark Talluto userev at
Thu Jul 28 12:53:12 EDT 2005

On Jul 28, 2005, at 9:48 AM, Mark Swindell wrote:

> On Jul 28, 2005, at 9:00 AM, Mark Talluto wrote:
>> On Jul 28, 2005, at 8:15 AM, Mark Swindell wrote:
>>> I was just wondering if anyone here had created such a beast.  It  
>>> seems like a product Rev might be good for.  I'm looking to  
>>> purchase one, actually, to use in the classroom, as well as to  
>>> integrate into a curriculum package that will be an adjunct to a  
>>> Rev product I'm working on.   For educational needs it needn't be  
>>> a NY Times type thing.  Just a well-thought, professional  
>>> generator where the user types in the clues and words and the  
>>> puzzlemaker creates a puzzle.  It should have font and size  
>>> capabilities, as well as background images/patterns/colors.    
>>> After generation, each element should be resizable and  movable  
>>> so the user can set up a nice-looking custom page for printout.  
>>> (Basically five elements: down clues, across clues, answers, bg  
>>> image/rect, and puzzle itself).  Printing is a must, export to  
>>> PDF, jpg, other options.
>> Mark,
>> There are plenty of commercial apps out there for about $20.00  
>> that would suit your needs just fine.  You can find one such  
>> program at most local teacher stores.  You can also order most of  
>> the available commercial versions from any educational catalog  
>> like:  <>
> Right.  The one I like best at this point is called CrossWord Forge  
> (was CrossWordz -- though it's a bit  
> pricy at 50.00.  But the interface is very nice, unlike some.  But  
> moving/rearranging elements is  still lacking in the current  
> iteration.
> I was just wondering if someone in the Rev community had created  
> such a product.   A person with some skill could probably do a bang- 
> up job of it.  People are always asking about visible commercial  
> Rev products (non in-house) on the list.
> Mark

I got very close to creating one along with a Word Search program.   
Due to the state of education market at this time, it would not be  
worth the development and marketing costs.

Mark Talluto
CANELA Software

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