iGame3D 3D Games in Rev, etc

William Griffin bill at igame3d.com
Thu Jul 28 05:55:30 EDT 2005

I've come out of my cave to ponder the meaning of life.
You can see my sermon with pictures of what life is for me at 

There you will also find for your Mac OS X 10.3-ish computer running
above 400 Mhz with a G4 or more, a download of iGame3D  as it stands to 
minus some limbs, or tentacles. With important install procedure.

The engine has been tested in Windows, on Monday, but i don't have a 
build of that, and testing was only to the extent as possible with all 
the current UI bugs.

iGame3D won first place prizes in uDevGames 2004 followed by the 21 
Days Later:Accelerator contest in February, so even our limping 
stitched together Frankenstein has taken home more than one trophy in 
the minor leagues of game making.
Root for the home team!

Time for this project is severally mutilated yes thats the right word, 
to graphically illustrate imagine a clock attached to a squirrel trying 
to cross a busy highway trucking lane. Maybe i should demonstrate in 
iGame3D...or maybe not.

We could use some help with this project, else it could be another year 
of user interface and engine revolutions before there is even another 

I think what we could use right now is someone to help finish the 
and publish the external, as is, before it mutates further.  Will the 
software publisher please stand up.

In the event some university power wielders happen to be in the 
audience, I'd like to mention that Tobi and I could use scholarships 
from any schools that need an in house 3D rev solution with unlimited 
licenses for life.

At the least we can use some feedback, we've been underground long 

Well thats the state of 3D and Revolution from my side of the cannon 

William Griffin
Team iGame3D

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