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J. Landman Gay jacque at
Wed Jul 27 23:51:05 EDT 2005

Timothy Miller wrote:

> Sooooo... I'd like to have a script that would start with maybe just a 
> click on a button or a keystroke. It might give me my choice of find 
> whole, find word, find string, or something like that. It would position 
> the cursor in the suitable field, I wouldn't have to type quotation 
> marks. It would search as fast as the find command typed into Rev's 
> message box, or in a script. I could hit the return key (or maybe a 
> button) repeatedly until I found the item  I was looking for. AND, the 
> find function wouldn't get "stuck" on one page if there were multiple 
> hits on the same page.

Not a script, and not exactly what you are looking for, but there's a 
semi-built-in way to most of it.

Type the "find" expression once into the message box. You can use "find 
whole" or plain "find" or whatever. Then just keep hitting the return 
key. This won't restrict the find to one per card, but then neither did 
HyperCard's. This works until a "find" changes cards.

When that happens the focus will change to the stack. You'll have to 
click in the message box again or type Cmd-M to regain focus so you can 
trigger the next instance. I usually keep my left hand on the Cmd-M keys 
and hit return with my right.

It isn't as handy as HyperCard's, but you don't have to do all that 
repeat typing.

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