OS9 engine or player?

J. Landman Gay jacque at hyperactivesw.com
Wed Jul 27 23:34:36 EDT 2005

Ton Kuypers wrote:
> I have a problem dowloading the Mac OS9 engine...
> Can anyone supply me this (as soon as possible, I have an  installation 
> within 5 hours...) or tell me where to download the OS9  player...
> Also, where do I put the engine... I've found one (MacOSfat.dir) and  
> put it into the components/engines folder, but no luck...

My boilerplate reply (this comes up a lot):

If necessary, you can manually download the various engine files from 
the Runtime site. The standalone builder cannot use the Mac OS engines 
without some additional decompression first.

The Mac FAT engine is called "MacOSfat.dir.gz".
The OS X engine is called "Revolution.app.dir.gz"

The engines can be downloaded from:


As of this writing, the last available OS 9 engine is version 2.5.

The ".dir.gz" extension is a special compression technique used to 
preserve the resource fork. Place the downloaded file on your computer 
in the same folder as the Revolution application. Then launch Revolution 
and type into the message box:

revDecompress "Revolution.app.dir.gz",defaultfolder

This will decompress the Mac OS engine into the default folder and give 
you a useable engine file. You can then move this file to the 
"components/engines" directory where you should be able to build the 

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