Praise: Rev Documentation to the rescue

Eric Chatonet eric.chatonet at
Tue Jul 26 03:27:05 EDT 2005

Hi Jim,

Thanks for the kind words.
Finding accurate information in a very large documentation, relevant  
example stacks to get started, tools or tutorials on web-sites, etc.  
is rather difficult when beginning... and later too!
Information is scattered in many places but this diversity is a sign  
of good health.
It's the reason why I imagined Resources Picker not as a plugin, but  
a relational tool.
The plugin, from keywords you enter, searches 40 relevant websites  
(customisable list), 200 Rev Online stacks, 100 RevNet resources,  
2000 docs files, 300 000 mailing lists contributions and 8 000 000  
000 web pages if needed :-)
At the moment, more than 100 developers have dowloaded this plugin  
since 10 days.
Thanks to all of them.

Le 26 juil. 05 à 08:02, Jim Bufalini a écrit :

> This is why I appreciated so much Eric's recent release of his  
> Resources
> Picker. It's because it's impossible for any one person or group to
> consolidate every type of information.
> But, if I can search the archives of this list to get a clue, of  
> what I
> should be looking for, go to someone's site and find an excellent  
> article
> they wrote, find a elegantly written sample stack on someone else's  
> site or
> Rev Online, go to the documentation and look up the syntax I have  
> seen in
> the samples and referenced in the articles and emails, and then, if  
> I'm
> still unsure, post a hopefully intelligent question to this list  
> and get an
> answer in hours (sometimes minutes), then the programming world of  
> Rev,
> becomes my oyster.
> So, I guess what I'm saying is, just keep doing what you are doing!  
> Keep
> writing those articles, sample stacks, emails to this list,  
> challenges,
> plugins, externals, suggestions and all the rest. Just let Eric's free
> Resources Picker know where you put it, and then we'll all have the  
> best of
> both worlds, indexed diversity! :-))

Best Regards from Paris,

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