Scripting Style (was re: array info request)

Richard Gaskin ambassador at
Mon Jul 25 19:18:16 EDT 2005

Scott Rossi wrote:
> Another consideration -- assuming that at least 99 percent of developers
> code in lower case, line 1 below might appear to be more ambiguous than line
> 2:
>   put 25 into a
>   put 25 into A
> IMO, line 1 has the *appearance* of an incomplete script, while in line 2,
> there *may* be missing script but the upper case character is a clue that
> "A" was intended as a variable name.

But neither would be optimal as "a" is a reserved token (used as part is 
the "there is a" operator).  Oddly enough the compiler accepts it, but I 
try to avoid reserved tokens; I could have sworn I'd run into a case 
where using "a" as a var name gave me trouble, but I can't reproduce it now.

Point taken just the same.  To help make things more visually distinct I 
usually start my custom handlers with an upper-case letter, and leave 
built-in calls starting with lower-case, e.g.:

   on mouseUp
    global gMyVar
    set the title of this stack to MyFunction()
    put version() into gMyVar
   end mouseUp

The assumption is that it's more likely that the things that break will 
be mine more often than the engine's <g>, so I make mine stand out to be 
easier to find when skimming.

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