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David Grogono dave at realsoftware.com
Mon Jul 25 15:55:08 EDT 2005

On Jul 23, 2005, at 3:02 PM, Dan Shafer <revdan at danshafer.com> wrote:

> First, understand my comments about RealBASIC apply to Version 5.5. I
> have not looked at RB2005. I spent a fair amount of time looking at
> RB vs. Rev before I made the commitment to Rev about two years ago  
> now.
> That said, I believe you'll find creating Windows apps on OS X much
> easier and more direct with Rev than with RB. Rev's IDE runs on
> Windows so you can, with the right license, debug, test and fix your
> apps directly on Windows. Last time I looked, RB lets you *deploy* an
> app on Windows but if it breaks, you have to go back to the Mac to
> fix it and then re-deploy it. My guess is that would become tiresome
> and inefficient in a real hurry.

Hi Dan -

Since version 5.1 (April 2003), REALbasic has provided a Windows  
version of the IDE.  REALbasic also offers remote debugging which  
allows one to easily test and/or debug a project on another platform  
without the hassle of moving the source code.

>> - I suppose that maturity is not a problem for Mac, but what about
>> Windows and Linux?
> See earlier comments re windows. Linux is farther along on Rev than
> on RB by quite a but but frankly neither tool does all that good a
> job there from what my limited testing and listening to this list
> reveals.

If Linux support is important to Jose then he should evaluate the  
latest version of both products.

Best regards, David
David Grogono
REALbasic Product Manager
dave at realsoftware.com

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