Print Dialog Interaction (was Re: Rant Re Rev Documentation)

Bill bill at
Mon Jul 25 13:24:46 EDT 2005

I print government forms. Some of them require 5 copies. Some require 2
copies. Some just one. It would be very nice if I could press one button
"print all the stupid government forms" and then it would go to each form
and print the number of copies each form requires.

In hypercard days this was also difficult to do and required generating
multiple copies and sending those to the printer which takes more print time
than using the printer's ability to repeat a download.

On 7/25/05 12:09 PM, "Dan Shafer" <revdan at> wrote:

> I have a bit of trouble envisioning why it would be important for me
> to hard-code into an application the number of copies of a document
> to be printed. If the application requires that 3 copies of the
> report be generated, can we not trust the user to enter "3" into the
> "number of copies" field of the dialog? Or am I really missing
> something important and obvious here?
> Maybe this is more an exemplar of the kinds of issues people are
> concerned with than it is a complaint about Rev's design?
> On Jul 25, 2005, at 8:55 AM, Charles Hartman wrote:
>> It's not going to make me any more popular, but I have to say that
>> this seems like an example of the basic problem. It's a pretty
>> glaring bug -- as someone else pointed out, if you make the print
>> dialog available, you probably need to pay attention to what it says.
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