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thanks Marian and Dan.

As told you in my first post I did some research about this issue then I
have to give a chance to Revolution. Most of the comments did by Dan
insist in that way, yes Dan I read your thoughts in the list and other
places, tried a few hours and noticed the Revolution potential.

But probably because my poor English I was not able to explain well my

We do mostly Internet business applications, think on CRM and intensive
database apps to got the idea. Normally are applications in the range of
30-50 tables, some of them storing a few millions records and accessed
for 10s of users at the same time. Normally 2-3 developers works on this
kind of applications for less than 6 months, it could give you a picture
about the complexity, is not rocket science but is not a personal
notebook. We will develop mainly over Windows platform but products
should be available in Windows, Mac OSX, Red Hat and Debian flavours,
those are the most common OSs used by our customers.

These are important things for us (if anybody can't point me to the
right url or readings to continue researching will help me to decide):

-As Dan wrote somewhere OOP and Revolution are closer but are not the
same. Some way to group code in classes/libraries and organize in
multiple layers is a must for this kind of applications. Then if you
can't use classes how could you organize the code to be reused and easy
to maintain and extend under the Revolution paradigm?

- Localization, very often applications works in 2 or 3 different
languages, need some way to store all needed strings in a common file or

- Interface customization, often applications also have to be adapted in
some way to the customer image and look, it means change colors and some
properties on a global way, think on a CSS style sheet, sometimes are
minor cosmetic changes others are very important changes.

Thanks in advance for your help
J. Valle 1234web.net <jvalle at 1234web.net>

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