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Sat Jul 23 13:12:51 CDT 2005

Mark Wieder wrote:
> All-
> I'm trying to apply some optimization techniques learned from the
> online scripting conferences. And running into snags.
> "Placing" a group instead of copying and pasting it seems to turn its
> background behavior on. Is there something similar for non-background
> groups? Here's what I'm faced with - I'm currently pasting between
> some 100 to 300 copies of a single group onto a card. Is there a
> better way to do this than copy-once-paste-many?

You should definitely be placing the group onto the cards in this case. 
Having 300 copies of a group will not only inflate the stack size, but 
you'd have to make any changes to it 300 times if you want to alter 

Setting the backgroundbehavior of a group which has been placed on many 
cards makes sense (it changes the message path, which is usually what 
you want with a shared group.) But if you don't want group messages to 
happen after the card messages, then just turn off backgroundBehavior 
after you are done placing the group on all the cards.

Why wouldn't you want backgroundBehavior in this case? Does your stack 
create new cards on the fly where you don't want the group placed?

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