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J. Valle 1234web.net jvalle at 1234web.net
Sat Jul 23 13:05:03 EDT 2005


I've been playing for a couple of days with Revolution and Realbasic,
researching trought the lists, looking for the right tool to develop
cross platform commercial applications, but the main target platform
would be Windows and both tools looks specially focused on Mac OS.

Seems that Revolution has a loyal base of users but is less popular than
Realbasic, also a lot more expensive, the way documentation is organized
is not exactly intuitive and the main con is their exotic language and
programming paradigma.

Then the questions are:
- Why should choose Revolution instead Realbasic? comments from people
using both tools would be greatly appreciated
- Is this a mature tool to develop cross platform applications?
- I suppose that maturity is not a problem for Mac, but what about
Windows and Linux?
- What are the differences between Studio and Enterprise version? a
comparison table on your site would help to decide.

J. Valle 1234web.net <jvalle at 1234web.net>

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