NPR puzzle

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Thu Jul 21 09:33:18 EDT 2005

When I tried conjoining the if-then statement like that, both with 'or'
and with 'and' I found it to be 2 to 3 milliseconds slower than separate
if-then statements.

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>Here is my submission that ran in 70 milliseconds on my 5 1/2 year old
>G4 450 MHz tower:
>    set cursor to watch
>    put the milliseconds into t
>    put fld "ChemSymbols" into c
>    put fld "dictionary" into d
>    repeat for each line L in d
>      if c contains char 1 to 2 of L and c contains char 3 to 4 of L\
>      and c contains char 5 to 6 of L and c contains char 7 to 8 of L\
>      and c contains char 9 to 10 of L then
>        put L & CR after o
>      end if
>    end repeat
>    put the milliseconds -t into t
>    put o into fld "Output"
>    put "time=" & t && "msecs" after fld "Output"


Great solution!

At first I thought it would be slower than the one that most of us 
opted for, i.e. test each condition sequentially and if the test 
fails at any level go on with a "next repeat".

I thought RR would test all the conditionals in your handler (in 
...and ... and...) before moving on to the next repeat, but Scott 
Raney was too smart for that. Apparently, at the point where the 
"and" test fails, RR  decides there is no point in proceeding with 
the others, so...... next repeat.

The speed is about the same for either method.


P.S. If you submit your solution to NPR and your name is drawm, you 
are in danger of being called on Sunday for another test of wits. My 
mind works too slowly for this kind of exposure.

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