a maze-game stack?

Malte Brill revolution at derbrill.de
Wed Jul 20 17:41:30 EDT 2005

Hi Nicolas,

if you like to use ArcadeEngine for a pacman like game here is a 
out-of-the-top-of-my head approach.

Generate a maze using graphics as walls. each wall a graphic 

Store the ID of the graphics in a custom property of the card e.g. 
allWalls , each ID on one line. (*)

in a send in time structure you could have the following collision test:

repeat for each line theWall in the allWalls of this card
   if intersect(button "myGameHero",grc ID theWall) then
     put line 1 of the points of grc ID theWall into startPoint
     put line 2 of the points of grc ID theWall into endPoint
     put the width of btn "myGameHero" into theRadius
     if circleLineSegmentCollide(startPoint,endPoint,the loc of btn 
"myGameHero",theRadius)=true then
       --collision has happened
       --no collision has happened
     end if
   end if
  end repeat

This code snippet will check a collisions for all walls you have stored 
in the custom property. The fun part is that wall now don´t need to be 
right angled anymore, but can use any angle. :-)

If you want to go into detail just let me know. ;-) I´d like to help 
writing a nice game again.




If you have layed out your maze you could use a repeat loop to set the 

repeat with i=1 to the number of graphics
   put the ID of grc i&cr after theList
end repeat
delete char -1 of list
set the allWalls of this card to theList

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