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> I also looked at the file with a text viewer and it's identified as a

A text editor, why didn't I think of that! :-) OK, mine are starting out
before import as GIF89a and after Export are ÿØÿà. This meaningful to


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Jim Bufalini wrote:
> Hmmm. It *appears* to work, but trying to link to it from html viewing in
> IE doesn't work (shows the little X in a frame), and for example FireWorks
> says its an unknown format. On the other hand, it does display in FireFox,
> Design mode of DreamWeaver and Windows XP preview!

On the Windows side (for me) it does work.  I also looked at the file
with a text viewer and it's identified as a GIF87a.  The rev
documentation says "If you specify the export GIF form and don't have a
special license key, the image is exported in Revolution's internal
format instead."  I believe that that contradicts what I'm seeing on my

As far as the original question of the license cost, I have no idea.  I
was also interested in it, but when I went to the Rev store to purchase
the license I couldn't find it.

But since it appears to be working fine for me, I'm not worried about it.

Derek Bump
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