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Mark Talluto userev at canelasoftware.com
Tue Jul 19 14:37:37 EDT 2005

On Jul 19, 2005, at 6:29 AM, Brad Borch wrote:

> Thanks for all the help. Let's see if I understand this process:
> Mac:
> 1. "Load" the font files as binaries into custom properties,  
> probably properties of a stack, like so:
> set the myStoredFont of stack "My Stack" to URL "binfile:VeraMono.ttf"
> 2. At runtime, check if the fonts are installed on the target  
> machine. If the are not, "unload" the custom properties by writing  
> out to the user's font directory, effectively installing the fonts,  
> like so:
> put the myStoredFile of stack "My Stack" into URL binfile:~/Library/ 
> Fonts/VeraMono.ttf"
> 3. The application then needs to be re-launched.

This is correct!

> Windows:
> 1. Using a third-party installer tool, create an installer that  
> stores the font files in itself.
> 2. "Load" the installer as a binary into a custom property,  
> probably a property of a stack, like so:
> set the myStoredInstaller of stack "My Stack" to URL  
> "binfile:myInstaller.exe"
> 3. "Unload" that custom property back out to the user's hard drive  
> like so:
> put the myStoredInstaller of stack "My Stack" into URL binfile:/ 
> temp/myInstaller.exe"
> 4. Run the installer. The installer has the ability to locate the  
> appropriate folder for fonts based on which Win flavor, and update  
> the registry to point to the new fonts.
> 5. Delete the installer when done. The app doesn't need to be re- 
> launched because the registry has been updated?
> Is this right? Also, if I'm distributing on CD, what would be the  
> benefit of "sucking up" the files as custom properties?

This is also correct.  The reason I store the installer in a custom  
property is because my users have to pay for the fonts.  This way I  
can check a registration number before running the Win installer.   
You can also do it this way to do the check on the existing fonts in  
Rev code before exposing them to the installer.  As is your case, the  
font is free and thus there is no need to hide the font from the  
user.  You could just reference the separate Win installer from your  
Rev app and go from there.  Once someone learns the needed registry  
settings, we can forgo Win installer all together.  That will be the  
best solution aside from embedded fonts.

Mark Talluto
CANELA Software

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