a maze-game stack?

N Cueto nicolas_cueto at yahoo.com
Mon Jul 18 21:22:00 EDT 2005

Hello List,

My "space invaders" stack now done (oh!
how I wish "arcadeEngine" had come out 
just a couple of weeks earlier!), it's 
now onto the next game: a "maze game" 

In this game, language students have a 
birds-eye view of a 2D maze. They then 
hear a sound (a phoneme), after which
they begin to manoeuver an object thru 
the maze lanes and onto a goal-area. 
Their movement thru the maze is of course
limited by the walls, i.e., if the object 
they are moving contacts a wall then 
movement is stopped with some type of 
audible feedback. (Very behavioristic.)

My (admittedly vague) question, then, is 
about how to make both the maze and the 
"bumped into the wall" algorithm.

As for the maze itelf, the only options I 
see are to "draw" the maze either with 
(a) a graphics application and then import 
it to the stack, or (b) RunRev's "create" 
command. I'd prefer option (b), since it'd
allow a new maze to be created for each 
new game.

And as for the "bumped" algorithm, I'm
hoping arcadeEngine's "collision" function
will make things relatively simple.

Many thanks in advance for the handholding
yet again on this one.

Nicolas Cueto

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