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Seamus Brady seamus at
Tue Jul 12 12:57:10 EDT 2005


Please excuse my intrusion. I have been lurking around the edge of the 
runrev community for a little while. I have been playing around with 
runrev on windows/linux and I am very impressed. I really think this 
product could have some potential in my business.

I have a small query though

Can anybody comment on the stability of a runrev app (connected through 
ODBC to SQL Server)  running on a linux/windows box for many many days 
without rebooting? Are memory leaks a problem? I am looking into 
developing something for a client which could potential be left running 
for a considerable number of days.

All help gratefully appreciated :) Please free to email me privately if 
you have any specific advice that may be OT on the list.


Seamus Brady

seamus brady
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