imageSource images don't refresh if binfile type?

Eric Chatonet eric.chatonet at
Sat Jul 16 13:05:09 EDT 2005

Hi Jerry,

Sounds like a cache issue.
Did you try to set the htmlText of your field to empty rather than  
putting empty into the field?

Le 16 juil. 05 à 18:39, Jerry Daniels a écrit :

> Have this every happened to YOU?
> I've got a field with lots of images in it, thanks to the  
> imageSource property. Since all the images are in a folder, I'm  
> using the syntax:
>     set the imageSource of char x of fld y to ("binfile:" &  
> theFilePath)
> Works great. Works fast.
> But wait...there's a dark side.
> When the file that is being referenced by that imageSource call  
> changes content (but not it's file name!), the image in my field  
> will not reflect that new image content on screen as it is in the  
> file. It's as if the image data is being cached somewhere and I  
> can't force it to refresh.
> I've tried (in order of increasing desperation):
>    - putting empty into the field and re-drawing everything
>    - setting the imageSource to empty and then back to the binfile  
> reference
>    - setting alwaysBugger to false/true
>    - setting butterHiddenImages false/true
>    - making a standalone and trying it there (same result)
>    - reading the documentation
>    - reading every conceivable archive we have on the subject
> It's all quite mysterious. There's file-related image data  
> somewhere in memory and--although the file data has changed--it  
> remains the same when reference to it is made.
> Any ideas?

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