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Eric Chatonet eric.chatonet at
Fri Jul 15 10:45:01 EDT 2005

Hi again Jim,

I think the users and not the patches providers may ask runRev in  
order to obtain such a thing :-)
I think it would be useful for the community.
I think it would be courageous from runRev to accept it.

Le 15 juil. 05 à 16:17, Jim Bufalini a écrit :

> The idea is: You upload your patch to some Rev WebPage, ,just as  
> you would
> upload it to your own Website or to RevOnline, or to your own user  
> space.
> Initially, it shows up as *Not reviewed, use at your own risk.*  
> List users
> (i.e. developers - please don't limit to some financial  
> consideration - as
> in, did you buy our latest update pack, with such and such  
> included?), at
> that point, can choose to download the patch, and apply it, just as  
> they do
> now.
> The only difference is, when someone at Runrev gets around to it,  
> they look
> at your patch and add commentary. The advantage is, all the Third  
> Party
> patches are in *one* place! And, it gives  Rev the convenience of  
> reviewing
> all Third Party Patches in *one* place. And, it gives developers  
> *one* place
> to go to find all the Third Party patches and determine what they  
> need to
> *apply* to do upgrade to a new version.
> Fear of loss is a major motivating factor. If someone fears they  
> may loose
> something, even minor, by upgrading, they won't do it.
> You don't need to *do more.* It's actually a *do less,* as I see  
> that many
> messages on the list server are to the effect of, *Where can I  
> find...?*

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