Third party Patch Manager

Jim Bufalini YourSignup at
Fri Jul 15 08:30:05 EDT 2005

Anyone out there have a *Third party patch manager stack?*

By this I mean, I've applied some patches provided by Chipp and Eric and
maybe others. I forget exactly, and this is my point. For example, I'm still
running 2.51 and *trying* to get to 2.6. I say trying, because my 2.51 key
didn't unlock 2.6 and I've requested another key, but haven't gotten it
yet - but that's another story.

The point is, I know that 2.6 will require some of the same patches applied
as 2.51. However, it may not need others, and I may not remember exactly
what patches I applied prior, that need to be applied to the newer version
(until, I suppose, a problem occurs and I remember I have a patch for that,
although I probably won't remember who wrote it, and where I got it from).

It would be nice, if when I apply a patch, I could drag it to a Patch
Manager stack that, when I upgrade to newer versions, would show all
previously applied patches with checkboxes, and I could choose to apply the
patch or not. Maybe a date of when the patch was applied (dragged into the
manager), so I can remember what version I applied the patch to.

Otherwise, I can see myself hesitating to upgrade and cut over to a newer
*official* version of Rev.

A MUCH BETTER alternative (hint, hint) to this would be for Rev, itself, to
maintain a Third Party Patches web page for developers, where developers
could post their patches (instead of their individual WebPages) and Rev
could edit the descriptions and categorize them by version number, as being
applicable to a version.

For example the recent app browser fix from Eric might be classified as:
Applies to versions 2.51 to 2.6xx ONLY. Prior versions do not require this
patch, and as of version 2.6yy, it's no longer applicable, as we took the
silly if...then statement out ourselves. (OK, put a period after the word

This would take some of the *fear* out of upgrading and in the long run make
Rev more money...


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