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Muaadh salih ms1 at
Fri Jul 15 06:23:50 EDT 2005

My apology for the typos of yesterday message .
  Still upon further investigation  we found that  the following function:

function plural count, textw
   if count <> 1 then put "s" after textw
   if count = 0 then put "no" into count
   return  count && textw
end plural
   works perfectly on Rev 2.6 on Mac G4 with OSX 10.3.9. However it 
does not work on Rev. 2.6 on Windows XP ( when called : Plural ( 3, 
"Book") it returns  ( 3 s) only
again is this a bug on the XP version ?!

any idea ?

Muaadh Salih
ms1 at

All the best

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