Arcade Engine and Quartam Reports Released

Heather Nagey heather at
Thu Jul 14 16:44:35 EDT 2005

Dear list members,

We have some exciting news for you tonight - two brand new revSelect
products.  Each has limited time special introductory pricing!

The eagerly anticipated Quartam Reports by our community's esteemed Jan
Schenkel (from Quartam Software) is available now.

Quartam Reports is the report generator you've been waiting for. If you
need to layout and print anything from labels to sales reports, or you
just want to view collated information onscreen, this package is for
you. Easy to use for simple tasks, but with professional power for
complex operations.

Not only that, but the excellent Malte Brill (from Debrill Multimedia) 
releasing ArcadeEngine.

Use ArcadeEngine to enhance multimedia titles with complex object 
build arcade games, and for teaching and learning.  Features include
powerful collision detection routines, linear movement, polygonal 
circular movement, elliptical movement and the ability to alter speeds 
movement at any time under full programmatic control.

We're celebrating these releases with a bunch of special offers, from
bundling free with new licenses to huge price reductions with update
and upgrade pack purchases.

Read all about Quartam Reports:

Read all about ArcadeEngine:

We'd like to congratulate both developers warmly on their sterling
efforts and huge contributions to the Revolution community.

Well, what are you waiting for? Rush out and get them!

warm regards,


Heather Nagey, Customer Support Manager
Runtime Revolution Ltd

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