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Eric Chatonet eric.chatonet at
Thu Jul 14 12:37:33 EDT 2005

Hi Muaadh,

Welcome to this list.

With Transcript, the language of Revolution, you may declare local  
and global variables: you know it :-)
But variables can be declared inside a handler or a function  
structure or outside.
When they are declared inside, it's the way you already know :-)
When a variable is declared outside any handler or function, its  
value is shared by all handlers and functions in the script where it  
has been declared. And it's very handy :-)
For instance, in the script of a button:

local allowDrag -- variable declared outside any handler
on mouseDown
   put the mouseH & comma & the mouseV into allowDrag
end mouseDown
on mouseMove x,y
   if allowDrag is empty then exit mouseMove
   set topLeft of this stack to globalLoc(x-item 1 of  
allowDrag&comma&y-item 2 of allowDrag)
end mouseMove
on mouseUp
   put empty into allowDrag
end mouseUp
on mouseRelease
     put empty into allowDrag
end mouseRelease
on mouseLeave
   put empty into allowDrag
end mouseLeave

allowDrag value is valuable for all handlers.

Le 14 juil. 05 à 18:24, Muaadh salih a écrit :

> In the course notes notes of  BRIGHAM YOUNG UNIVERSITY   they refer  
> to a "Script-local" variable in Revolution Transcript language.   
> This is a very welcome advance so
>  that we are not stuck between a variable that is shared  by every  
> handler  in the
>  stack ( global) or a one that that is specific to one and only one  
> handler.
> A script -local ( as I expect it ) is shared by the script   
> elements ( button, field ...)
> I could not find any reference to it in the dictionary or any other  
> documentation .
> Are they correct in this ?! Any help in this matter ?!!

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