how to pause a song??? please help

Jon jbondy at
Wed Jul 13 19:19:38 EDT 2005


I uploaded my sample Player exactly for people like you!  There is a 
Pause button: just see how I coded it!  If you have problems finding the 
stack, just let me know, off the list, and I'll help you find it!



Ban Nguyen wrote:

>I've been working on creating a pause button to stop an audio and
>clicking the button again to play the audio where it was stopped (not
>the beginning)
>I am using this code for pause button:
>on mouseUp
>    play pause audioClip "my clip"
>end mouseUp
>It stops for 1 second and play at the beginning. Anyone knows how to set
>it so it will play again where it was stopped.  Thank you.
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