Window Positioning Bug? [WORKAROUND]

Charles Hartman charles.hartman at
Wed Jul 13 08:06:24 EDT 2005

On Jul 13, 2005, at 7:40 AM, Jim Bufalini wrote:

> This raises a second question, though. I run two monitors. How does  
> Rev
> address the second or more monitors (I believe the limit software  
> wise in
> WinXP is 9 monitors)? I notice, for example that the Documentation  
> screen
> reliably comes back, where I left it, on my second screen.

Yes -- what it does _not_ do is come back (at all!) if it last  
appeared on the second screen and if the second screen was since  
disconnected. So --

> But, the
> Application Browser never returns to the second screen.

-- Rev seems to have a general problem with second displays on Mac.

> I should mention, my
> two screens have different resolutions, which is not uncommon.

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