Buggy debugger -- solved?

Eric Chatonet eric.chatonet at sosmartsoftware.com
Tue Jul 12 16:52:31 EDT 2005

Hi Tim,

I made some tests in a "brand new" stack.
Works perfectly here.
Could be a specific issue in your stack?
As usual, when you get a problem, try to isolate it in a new stack.
There are so many parameters we often miss ;-)

Le 12 juil. 05 à 22:40, Timothy Miller a écrit :

> It looks like this thread might die. I hope not. I hope a  
> knowledgeable someone is going to reply. I'd sure appreciate it.  
> I'm depending on you guys. I've searched the docs, learned nothing,  
> and taken all advice offered so far. Where else can I turn?
> The gist is, the debugger works fine in stack scripts, but I am not  
> able to debug any background script. I'm talking about bg scripts  
> that work perfectly, every time.
> If I move any background script to the stack script, the debugger  
> works perfectly. I can replicate the problem, every time. If I  
> split a sequence of handlers between a background script and a  
> stack script, I can debug those in the stack, but not those in the  
> background.
> Is this a bug or a feature? Is it well known? Documented? If so,  
> where? If it's a bug, has it been reported? Has it been fixed?

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