mac file name fonkyness

mark cowhead at
Tue Jul 12 08:31:20 EDT 2005

Thanks to Scott and Mark W., this works like a champ if your using long  
file names on a mac and trying to set the fileName of a player to these  
long names.  I suppose another option is to use the "rename" command to  
generate shorter file names,  but then you screw yourself if you want  
to continue to use the same media in itunes.
thanks again,
mark in japan

Scott wrote:

> A workaround was provided by Mark Waddingham: set the filename of
> a your player to a *file* URL, ie
> file:///Volumes/Primary/Users/mark/Desktop/ 
> really_really_really_long_filenam
> e.mp3
> Important: make sure to replace any spaces in the name with %20, even  
> though
> you should *not* use a fully URL encoded path.

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