Stop RevXML converting illegals to entities

Sivakatirswami katir at
Mon Jul 11 23:18:01 CDT 2005

I have this code

     ## tag paragraphs in the transcript node

     put revXMLNodeContents(tCurrTree,"/audio_transcript/ 
transcript_text/") into tTranscript
     replace (cr & cr & cr&cr) with (cr & cr) in tTranscript
     replace (cr & cr & cr) with (cr & cr)  in tTranscript
     replace (cr & cr)  with ("</p>"& cr & cr &"<p>") in tTranscript
     put "<p>" before tTranscript
     put "</p>" after tTranscript
     revPutIntoXMLNode tCurrTree,"/audio_transcript/ 

     ## get the XML back out and save it to a new file
     put revXMLText(tCurrTree,,new) into tNewFile
     put tNewFile into url   ("file:"& the uFilesPath of this stack&"/ 
1_" & x)

  which is meant to turn paragraphs inside and XML node





<p>para 1</p>
<p>para 2</p>
<p>para 3</p>

but on dumping... Rev is converting all these to entities
=======we get as output:

<p>'Learning from our Mistakes' </p>

<p>Since September 11, there have been increased statements by  
Western media condemning some men as being evil and extolling others  
as being good. This, of course, is not the Hindu perspective.


Is there a way to tell the XML library *not* to touch the so-called  
"illegal chars"


p.s. Ken:

a) would your library give us control over this kind of thing?
b) if I installed your library on a server I could use "start using"  
and call it from a CGI?

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